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School Readiness

Starting Strong believes School Readiness describes the experiences of children, families, schools, and communities that best promote student success in kindergarten. When communities, schools, and adults work together to support children’s development, all children begin kindergarten ready to succeed.

A ready community is one that identifies, nurtures, and supports families and children as its number one resource.

A ready school is one that welcomes all families and children and creates an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

A ready family has adults who understand they are the most important people in the child’s life and take responsibility for the child’s school readiness through direct, frequent, and positive involvement and interest in the child.

A ready child is one who enters school healthy, eager to learn, and curious about others and the surrounding world.

Starting Strong is part of the National League of Cities – Early Learning Nation network.  Alongside other participating communities, we’re learning to tackle tough problems, test new solutions, and accelerate progress toward ensuring that all young children and their families thrive.

Starting Strong’s school readiness work focuses on strategies that address the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children from birth to age 3, while increasing opportunities for families to help prepare their children for school and a lifetime of academic success.

  • Support learning environments that nurture and stimulate growth along all developmental domains to ensure children meet their developmental milestones
  • Provide information and opportunities for parents and families to support their child’s healthy development
  • Ensure families have access to basic needs, including food security and stable housing