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Our Work

Starting Strong’s goal is for all children in Portland to be kindergarten ready and reading at grade-level by the end of 3rd grade.

We believe the entire community plays a role in supporting a child’s education.  Starting Strong partners with schools, parents, businesses, community organizations, and residents to address three key result areas that directly impact third grade reading success. These key areas are: 1) school readiness; 2) out of school time; 3) PreK to third-grade literacy.

Together, we remove barriers, expand opportunities, and assist parents and other community members to support student success. As the early age component of Portland ConnectED, we work to improve the social, emotional, and academic environment of Portland’s most vulnerable children from birth to age 8.

Starting Strong became a Campaign for Grade Level Reading site in 2013 with the acceptance of our partnership’s Community Solution Action Plan –  a community-wide strategy to address achievement gaps between students. This document provides a clear overview of the challenge and our first framework for action.  

Today, Starting Strong is poised to move forward to increase its impact through community partnerships — with a keen focus on the children and families who need us most.