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Portland Works for Kids

When our children thrive, our City thrives.

That’s why Portland Works for Kids brings together members of the Greater Portland community to make high quality early childhood care and education affordable and accessible to everyone.

High-quality child care is essential for a vibrant, thriving city. It provides a powerful pathway to growing the human capital of a prosperous and sustainable community. It strengthens the workforce and local economy by allowing parents to work, build a career, and pay their bills. It also provides young children with experiences that support school readiness and nurture their cognitive, social, and emotional growth. 

In recent weeks, the value of early care and education has become top-of-mind for many members of our community, including those who struggle to balance remote working while home with young children. The lack of high-quality early care and education in Portland – and across Maine – will likely worsen as a result of COVID-19. 

According to a March survey conducted by the Maine Association for the Education of Young Children, 88% of licensed child care programs that responded said they would not survive or were unsure if they could reopen if they remained closed for one to two months. While Portland Works for Kids is striving to address some immediate issues caused by the pandemic, especially regarding child care access for essential personnel, the shortage of child care is not a new problem in Portland.

Portland Works for Kids is working to address the short- and long-term aspects of the shortage, including advocating for support for providers. Short-term, increasing access will help the workforce get back up and running as soon as it is safe. Long-term, research has shown that quality child care yields better academic and social outcomes for children, safer and healthier communities, a better prepared future workforce, and less spending on social services. 

This is a complex issue, but together, we can build a new reality – a community where children and families from all types of backgrounds and circumstances can have the support they need to meet their full potential. It will take all of us, working across sectors, to take action to make this vision a reality.

Did you know that 90 % of brain development happens by the age of 5? 

High-quality early care and education is key to the future success of our community.

Join our coalition: Help us define the system and services we want to see and engage key allies in this movement. 

Get involved in the details:  We are identifying major gaps in the system and aligning to public PreK expansion. We’re piloting efforts aimed at workforce development, program quality improvement, and informal care providers. We’re also working with national experts to conduct a local comprehensive birth-age 5 fiscal analysis. Finally, we’ve got a committee of local leaders working together to identify revenue needs and new funding mechanisms.

Share the message: It will community-wide support to make the change we need. To do this, Starting Strong is building a public communications and advocacy campaign.

Make it happen: Communities across the country are making high quality early care and education a reality by empowering local voters to prioritize this issue at the ballot box.   

We need YOU to make this possible.

Starting Strong is not alone in this effort, but we are providing staff support for this critical work. Contact us if you’d like to get involved.

Organizations that have partnered in efforts, participated in committees, and/or committed time and/or resources to Portland Works for Kids

Starting Strong’s network of Portland ECE programs and providers:

  • Catherine Morrill Day Nursery
  • The Opportunity Alliance
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Youth and Family Outreach
  • St. Elizabeth’s 
  • The Children’s Odyssey
  • Shunk Family Child Care 

United Way of Greater Portland’s Women United

Family Child Care Association of Maine

Greater Portland Workforce Initiative

Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network


Maine Access Immigrant Network

Maine Association for the Education of Young Children

Data Innovation Project

Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce


Maine Community Foundation

United Way of Greater Portland

John T Gorman Foundation

Sam L Cohen Foundation