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Governor Mills signs into law LD 1712 to increase access to quality, affordable child care in Maine

Thank you to Governor Mills and everyone who supported increased access to quality, affordable child care in Maine! Yesterday, Governor Mills signed into law LD 1712 that seeks to replicate a successful program in Somerset County modeled after the successful Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership. Under the law, Maine could create up to five additional programs across the state, which would be sponsored by coalitions of stakeholders, providers and other community members within the communities that the projects serve.

“The lack of high-quality, affordable child care in Maine is a major barrier to the success of our children and our economy. It prevents people from starting new businesses, taking new jobs and moving to rural communities. It also deprives kids of important developmental opportunities,” said Governor Janet Mills. “With this new law, and the important game-changing funds in the Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan, we can break down that barrier and give working families what they need to provide healthy, safe child care for their kids that allows them to go to work, bring home a paycheck, and strengthen our economy.”

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