“Portland is slated to receive more than $46 million in federal funding over the next year, but it has already allocated $8.5 million to cover lost revenue in the current budget. The city received its first installment of $23.1 million in May and expects to receive a similar installment next year year. Counties and the state also are receiving funding.”

“Matt Dubel, the executive director of Portland ConnectEd, which has an early childhood education initiative called Starting Strong, said a recent survey by the chamber of commerce revealed that 61 percent of employers said workers had trouble finding childcare and 91 percent believed investing in child care should be a community priority. He said the survey showed “an urgent need,” with parents waiting months or a year on a number of waitlists to secure child care.”

“The pandemic has underscored the reality that all sectors of the economy rely on child care and parents rely on child care to get to work,” Dubel said. “At a time when the economy needs every worker we can get, child care is foundational to our economic recovery.”

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